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Here you will find out why a logo is so important for a company, but first you have to know exactly what a logo is. To begin with, it is not some ornamental accessory, but an essential part of all distinguished companies. A logo is a symbol, a visual and/or verbal sign standing for the whole concept of a company, as its shapes, colors, lines and typography consolidate the corporate identity and communicate those values which differentiate one firm from the others.

Logos are like guides that help consumers when choosing a product or service. Day after day you can verify the high levels of visual saturation in urban areas, as well as the large number of companies –big or small, online or concretely located. In this context, logos are images and/or words that allow consumers to differentiate one brand from another; they are the entrance to all those symbolic meanings that a firm wants to express and socially has. A high-quality logo is a distinctive mark that people will unconsciously remember and associate with a particular company. Moreover, a catchy logo generates an excellent first impression in potential clients, who, for sure, will eventually become regular clients.

On many occasions, what differentiates big companies from small ones is the importance given to the design of the logo and its promotion. All corporations are recognized by their logos, which should be simple, attractive and relevant, i.e. connected with their activities. The world’s most famous companies have reached the status of brands, which means that they have gained massive recognition and have become an abstract group of values and positive meanings that go beyond the mere product offered. Although inexpert people may consider it to be insignificant, the logo plays a decisive role to help a brand consolidate, since it is the synthetic image of all that makes a company special and solid. A logo, through its shapes and colors, has the power to transmit basic characteristics of any organization, such as prestige, professionalism and seriousness.

A logo, if made by a professional designer, will eventually installed itself in a specific business field and, as time goes by, will cross all the frontiers to finally become a symbol, a part of a certain culture. Therefore, high-quality logos not only personify the philosophy of a company in a graphic way, but they also stay in the collective unconscious, thus making a brand automatically recognizable. In conclusion, a logo designed by an expert permits an unequivocal connection between a company and the public.

A company remains in the public’s memory thanks to the logo, which is inside the whole system of corporate identity –the standards defining both the personality and the activities of an organization–. The visual sense of the corporate identity is determined by the logo’s shape and color(s). For example, if the logo of a company consists of blue and silver curves, then the whole graphic image of this company should keep the same colors and lines. As a result, the logo is present to the different marketing tools: packaging, labels, brochures, stationery, web-sites, advertisements, etc.

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Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the terms “logo” and “logotype” –you might even wonder whether they are the same or not. We will try to make it clear for you. In everyday usage, both words are synonyms. However, there are subtle differences within the field of graphic design:


a verbal-only logo, i.e. one or more words representing a company (usually its name, arranged in distinctive typography). A worldwide famous logotype is that of Coca-Cola.


a visual-only logo made up of an image or icon, which may be abstract or not. Thus, a drawing of a processor would be appropriate for a computer company. Or, in an abstract way, just straight gray-and-silver lines suggesting the idea of technology. A well-known isotype is Nike’s.


a verbal and visual logo, i.e. it combines words with images. A good example is that of Converse All-Star, in which the star is surrounded by the name of the company.

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