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Throughout our website you will see that the task of designing a logo is not easy work. It implies considering many different aspects and it can only be done by a specialist in the field: a graphic designer. We live in a world in which visual and verbal communications are central. A designer is a professional trained to transmit ideas clearly and with imagination by means of graphic languages. To accomplish this, he has the necessary knowledge of semiotics, shapes, colors, lines, typographies, balance, styles and applications. Apart from this, he can use the tools that are essential to design logos: design programs and the artistic ability to draw.

A designer is the right person to create a completely original logo. In general, designers work with a team so as to offer companies a wider variety of options, from different points of view. The first thing a designer –or a team of designers– does is to come into the world of the company that is hiring him. For this, he will interview the company’s staff, he will read about the company, analyze previous designs, inform himself on the products and services offered, and carry out an exhaustive analysis of the company’s clients. With all this information, the designer has approached the company and its personality. Then, it’s important to determine, with a marketing manager, the message that the logo is supposed to convey. The determination of the desired message is crucial as the designer will develop a logo basing its design on this message.

Once he has gained great knowledge of the company’s philosophy and has determined the message clearly, the graphic designer will present different versions of the logo, until reaching the one that best represent the company’s essence. The selection of each element used in the logo is done using a criterion. That is, no decision is arbitrary when it comes to the work of a professional designer. By doing this, the designer creates powerful logos, whose graphic elements convey the company’s essence and are highly memorable.

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A designer knows what shapes, colors, lines and fonts should use to obtain a logo that is consistent with a company and its target. He will have the ability to summarize and put an emphasis on the most important aspects of a message. He can create a piece that enjoys high esthetic value and that is commercially efficient. Besides, a designer, at the moment of creating a logo, will take into consideration its function in the whole graphic system of a company. When his work is finished, he will deliver a logo manual with the guidelines on the use of the logo in different contexts. A designer is a reliable person, who can give some advice on the best printing system for a logo on paper. Apart from designing a corporate logo from scratch, he can redesign a company’s existing logos, to give them a new look according to the changes the company wants to make. A redesign is also a complex task, since it’s important to remain consistent with a specific identity and, give it a touch of novelty at the same time.

The success of a logo heavily depends on the capacity of the hired designer. A good designer will create a stunningly attractive and memorable logo. You may think that the services offered by a professional are not affordable for small and medium sized companies. But the truth is you can find high quality graphic services at very affordable prices. Only a skilled graphic designer can create an original logo that embodies a company.

Logos created with templates are not a good option since they lack originality and many organizations buy the same ones. Templates can’t create real corporate identities since they are mass-produced designs that don’t enjoy any creativity and that are absolutely unaware of the requirements of each company. Besides, the copyright of predesigned logos are not reserved by the companies that buy them, which can end up in future legal conflicts. It’s also recommendable, for the reasons expressed above, not hiring an amateur for your logo design. Logos made with templates and those created by amateurs will only cause complications and waste of money and time as a consequence. At DESIGNANDLOGOS.COM, we recommend, above all, leaving the job to professional experts to guarantee logo success.

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