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For you to get knowledgeable about the main trends in logo design, we recommend that you read this section, in which you will find the six predominating nowadays, in our opinion. However, the tendencies described here are not precepts and are not the only ones existing either, and under no circumstances should you feel obligated to act exactly as we suggest. Besides, each one of them offers multiple options that depend on each designer’s criterion, which varies according to what each company needs.

Trends are general ways of expressing new ideas –graphic ideas, in this case– but in no way must they be considered fixed rules that limit personal creativeness. Of course each designer has to develop the esthetics of a logo by making use of what he/she knows about the company in question and his/her own artistic skills. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as absolute originality any longer, so knowing the main current trends might be a good start in logo design.

Interlaced figures:

in this era of globalization and multinationals, circles interlaced with ovals may well be the best way in which to represent financial, technological and computer companies. Circular figures always suggest motion and interrelation.


these nets are formed by either literal or metaphorical meanings. In these terms, a group of straight lines or curves can somehow be associated with the products and services offered by a company. The concept of a net, in itself, produces a visual effect of security, vigor, motion and infinitude. Aviation companies are quite fond of this type of logos, but also banks and health organizations. However, as nets can be used to create abstract images, many companies specialized in different business fields follow this trend too.

Well-defined curves

these are curved lines in which both the beginning and the end are clearly defined. They suggest movement and direction. Due to their connotations, they are perfect for trade, aviation and telecommunication companies.

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in this era of science and global communications, drops are used in logo design because they are connected with change, movement, life and union. One-drop-only logos are as common as those with more than one drop. Generally speaking, although some of them have two dimensions, these logos tend to be three-dimensional.

Geometrical designs

many design trends tend towards abstraction. However, in accordance with this technological, financial, communication-based modern world, symbolical design –that which represents the activities of a company in a direct way– is being revalidated nowadays. Geometrical figures are traditionally used to create a close connection between a logo and the products or services a company offers. From real estate companies and banks to show business companies, all types of firms follow this trend.

Dotted lines

this is a very common trend in logo design. It is dots joined to one another by means of straight lines and curves. Dotted-lined images are proper for the world of computers (circuits, the Internet) and also for the world of physics (atoms and molecules). Since they suggest an idea of interconnection, they are frequently used by travel agencies and telecommunication companies, as well as by organizations specialized in science and technology.

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