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In this section, you will be introduced to the main principles and basic criteria that must be taken into consideration to create an enduring logo. We know that, even when there are many logos invading us day after day, only a few of them eventually establish themselves as a brand in a specific business field and in society itself, which means that not all images and typographies are equally impressive and perdurable.

Next, we enumerate the principles of logo design:

Simplicity is the key to success

with regard to logo design, quality and complexity do not go hand in hand. If creative, a plain, not ornamented design with an appropriately delimited chromatic palette will generate a huge impact. The hardest thing is to design a logo that is both simple and at the same time original and attractive. However, given that a simple logo will stand out among all those signs already established in the postmodern world and will easily remain in people’s minds, simplicity is a must.

There must be a connection between a company and its logo

the logo, as we have mentioned above, is the visible image of a company. Therefore, it is fundamental that they are connected with each other somehow. What we mean is that there must be coherence, i.e. a reasonable relationship, between the graphic instruments used for making a logo and the message an organization wants to transmit. In a way, the logo as a whole speaks of the company it represents. It is up to the designer to express some company’s particular concept through its logo so that the general idea is easy to understand.

A logo should attract people’s attention

for a logo to become well-established in the market as well as in people’s heads, first of all it must be attractive so that they notice it the moment that they see it –a logo cannot go unnoticed! There is an adjective which, in its literary meaning, accurately describes this basic quality that logos need to have: pregnant. It is quite plain that the fast pace and the visual saturation of modern life are significant restrictions. Nevertheless, the designer must find the way to create an inventive, easy-to-remember logo that catches people’s attention as soon as they see it.

The best logos are those which are easily remembered

if you think of the most famous brands all over the world, you will see that their logos are remembered by everybody. So, logos have to be easy-to-remember, as they influence people to choose a certain product or service. The three previous principles, i.e. simplicity, coherence and attraction, play a decisive role in making a logo too noticeable to be forgotten.

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A quality logo has to be versatile

a logo is versatile when it can be adapted to different shapes, colors and surfaces, and it is still legible. Versatility is very important, since the logo is the central piece of a corporate system and therefore, as a marketing tool, it might be employed over many different surfaces –it will appear in brochures, web-sites, billboards, packaging, and so forth. If simple enough, any logo can be adjusted to different kinds of surfaces (e.g. paper, cardboard, plastic, cloth, leather, metal, wood, etc.), and also to different shapes (from that of a personal card to that of a big poster or a billboard) and colors (even black and white, if necessary for documents, photocopies, forms or faxes).

An original logo is a resounding success

one of the main functions of a logo is to help a particular company prevail over the others. Now then, only original logos can reach this goal, whereas those resembling one another are bound to fail. Although we can possibly talk about similar styles, it is necessary for designers to apply all their inventiveness in order to create a logo able to capture the essence of a company, that which makes it different from the others.

A good logo is that which is instantly recognized

of course, there must be a strong implicit tie between a company and its logo. Consequently, a logo is successful only if people see it and automatically recognize the company it represents.

It is important to take the public into consideration

all companies are targeted at a specific public with its own distinctive features, such as social class, age, sex, education, etc. Their logos, therefore, should be equally targeted at that particular public. Even the graphic elements have to be carefully chosen. Thus, companies targeted at teenagers will probably opt for living colors and curves, while those targeted at businesspersons or technicians are highly likely to choose opaque colors and straight lines.

A good logo will resist the passage of time

there is one clear indication that a logo is successful: its endurance. An enduring logo is that able to transcend passing fads with a strong, personal character. A logo that outlives other logos lays the foundations of a new style and becomes a part of some society’s culture, thus providing a company with solidity. In this sense, it is not advisable that a company is constantly modifying its logo, because, by doing this, it would be disturbing its corporate identity. Yet, it is possible to make some changes from time to time, as it has been the case with the Apple logo.

Logos and slogans can combine together

on many occasions, the logo of a company is accompanied by a slogan. This is a powerful, representative combination. When a company is involved in many different activities, or offers some kind of hard-to-describe service, it is possible to combine an image with a certain phrase synthesizing its philosophy. A slogan can be a good help to make a message easily understandable.

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