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When we try to remember logos, only a few of them come to mind immediately –those really famous ones belonging to big international corporations, e.g. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota, and so on. All these well-known brands owe part of their success to their respective logos, as it is impossible to separate their products, services, or even their values, from them.

On the other hand, more often than not small companies do not possess a catchy logo, which may be a matter of ignorance of their true significance to the consolidation of a brand. Here, in DESIGNANDLOGOS.COM, we are aware that it is extremely important for any company, regardless of its dimensions, field or budget, to have an easily recognizable logo. So, as big corporations do, newly-born companies should also allot some time and money for their graphic representations.

A great deal of attention should be paid to the logo design, because it is the logo that first introduces a company to society. In a way, the commercial success of every company depends on the logo, as this is its visible image. It is hard to believe how powerful a design of high quality may be, but a simple graphic idea can lead to the consolidation and development of a company. Logos are communicative tools which synthesize not only the services and products offered by a company, but also its philosophy. Besides, as time goes by, they start acquiring those social connotations associated with a particular organization, thus becoming even more important.

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For these reasons, a company should hire a graphic designer capable of making a unique, creative design according to its distinctive characteristics. Modern society places great emphasis on public image and advertisement, since they are often considered to be indicative of quality in the presence of an endless number of different brands. As a result, small companies should have logos designed by experts in order to generate a feeling of solidity, trustworthiness and professionalism in the consumers. What is more, tiny companies, or those doing unconventional activities, will benefit from having an original, professionally designed logo, because this will allow them to consolidate their corporate identity and, gradually, to establish themselves in the market as a social symbol. On the other hand, a poor design will only drive potential clients away, as they might associate it with unreliability and bad service.

In short, having a striking, distinctive logo is almost as important as offering products and services of quality. Especially when they are small or newly-born, companies must avoid being confused with those big, powerful brands that monopolize their own business field. Logos of small companies resembling those of the most famous brands in shape and color are not a rare sight (e.g. fast-food restaurants). However, this is often counterproductive, as it is hard for consumers to tell the difference between one company and another. All an organization needs to stand out from the others is a personal, up-to-date logo. That’s why, the moment it is ineffective, an old design must be replaced by a new modern one.

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