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In this section, we will tell you the reasons why a good logo is necessary for your company to expand right off.

A logo is so important because it serves various purposes. Next, we go into more detail about them:

a) Representing a company as a whole:

any company with the firm intention to prosper needs a clear message summarizing all the aspects of which it is made up, i.e. products and services, philosophy and aims. Designed by a professional, a logo will transmit this message in a simple, attractive way. In other words, a logo designed by an expert instantly creates a picture of an organization as a whole –and with few graphic elements. Consequently, the logo is the visual embodiment of a company.

b) Making a brand easily recognizable:

a good-quality logo is absolutely crucial for the public to recognize a certain company instantly. A logo is just another sign inside the multiple universe of marks a city is crowded with. Only by having a simple, catchy logo can a firm stand out among all the others. Hence, the chief function of logos is to make it possible that a particular organization is automatically associated with a particular design. This is how a brand stays in the public’s memory –and consequently its products are bought.

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c) Differentiating a company from its competitors:

for a company, anything is preferable to being confused with one of its competitors –even going unnoticed. A logo designed by a professional who takes into account the distinctive aspects of a company makes it possible to differentiate between this company and its competitors. A logo is effective when it expresses the essence of an organization, since, in this way, people are able to perceive the characteristics which make a certain product or service better than another. On the other hand, a logo resembling that of a competitor will only mean that clients will be confused and end up buying its products –especially if the competitor is well-established in the market–.

d) Consolidating a company’s position in the market:

apart from the standards of production and customer service, it is also important for any company to have a logo reflecting such characteristics as professionalism and seriousness. Why? Because the logo will allow the company in question –even if it is small– to become a well-established business firm. The more a logo is present in the market through the years, the more a brand consolidates its position.

e) Increasing the earnings:

given that an impressive logo made by a professional designer can help a brand develop as well as show a company in a positive light, no wonder sales will be up as long as the company’s logo is good enough. When buying a product or hiring a service, people’s choices may vary, to a large extent, subject to brands and their connotations. Therefore, we affirm that logos contribute to a considerable increase of the sales level. Furthermore, they are regarded as symbols of quality, since they express an idea of seriousness.

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